Vocals & Being a Transgender Producer/DJ

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that I produce music, it may not be to the taste of everybody but I’m certainly growing quickly with it.

Music is my ‘person to talk to’ because I’m not very good at actually talking to people when I’m feeling shitty. It helps me vent whatever it is that I’m feeling and hearing it played back to me through speakers seems to help me find ease with it.

I’ve wanted to put my own vocals on one of my own original tracks for a while now but the idea of it concerns me. I do not have a female voice once I start singing, I have a large vocal range but due to being transgender, it’s a male vocal range. I don’t have a problem with regular speaking, but I can’t sing in a female pitch with any sort of real power – it completely alters my vocals to the point of them being awful to listen to.

I did think about creating some sort of alter-persona with the only purpose of being able to use my vocals, without actually calling them “my vocals” you know? Not like being two people, but like having “Jaylyn Snow ft (Alter) – (Track Name).” Due to the nature of what I do, I wouldn’t ever need to perform my vocals live.

To me though, it would feel a bit too much like lying to those that are supporting my music and I don’t like that.

I don’t hide being transgender at all, but I don’t broadcast it on any of the social accounts I use to promote my music. I’m concerned about the consequences if I was loud and proud about it, I don’t want my gender/being trans to be what holds me back, music means a lot to me and I put a lot into my own stuff. Pretty sure I’ve briefly mentioned this in a previous blog post..

I think the best thing to do is just go with the flow, do what I think is best for my music and deal with whatever comes of it. Needing to deal with shitheads comes with being trans, no amount of avoiding being “clocked” (I hate that word) will change that. I’m just gonna keep on doing me and take everything as it comes.

Rant over! 😛

[My music can be found below, I’m still learning, but learning fast.]


One thought on “Vocals & Being a Transgender Producer/DJ

  1. I love the music that you do and would enjoy hearing you on it, be who Jaylyn is not who the world thinks you should be. You will always be a friend and someone I can look up too.

    Hugzz…… elle

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