Tough Few Months

Pretty sure it’s been about 3 months since I posted here again, I really should stop leaving such huge gaps between entries.

As the title suggests, it’s been a really tough few months for me. Yet again I had let myself fall into a deep hole that I struggled to climb back out of, it’s quite literally taken all of my energy to not take my own life.

There’s a few reasons I’ve been feeling so low, but the main two reasons are 1. other people and 2. my personal dislike of being alive, which is of course due to being transgender. I’m sure I’d have a much better time with everything if other people weren’t so ignorant, but it is what it is and slowly it is changing for the better.

Right now though, I feel like I’m in a much better place and I have a lack of shits in regards to other peoples opinions to thank for it. I’ve realised again that the only opinion that really matters is my own. I am the only person that needs to live my life, after all.

Anyway, this is just a short entry so I could vent a little bit and explain why I’ve been completely avoiding the blog, and life in general. I’ll be posting HRT updates and my Manchester Pride 2018 entry over the next day or two, so keep an eye on this space!


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