ACCESS! That is the aim.

Keeping it short and simple for the time being, I’m about to begin the legal process to have law-binding access to my daughter.

When her mother and I split up, her mother swiftly moved on and has spent the last 20(?) months slowly removing the contact I have with my daughter. Not only has my contact been slowly reduced to pretty much nothing, my daughter also now calls somebody else “dad” – which I’ve witnessed being pushed on my daughter. (On Christmas day, of all days!)

My ex has me blocked on everything and refuses to have any contact with me since meeting her new partner, she has no intentions of cooperating.

A few hours ago, I was informed by my mother that my ex has now threatened to not even allow my daughter to be around me, even at my mothers. Her reason? She thinks I’ve told my daughter not to call her mothers new partner “dad,” which isn’t true. Even if I do have the right to put my foot down about it, I haven’t. Yet.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about others that have been through the same/similar process, I don’t think being transgender is likely to go against me. I do think the negative opinions of others involved may cause a problem for them though, and may well go in my favour.

Only time will tell though. I’d like to think there’s enough protections in place for transgender people to keep me safe from any decisions based on discrimination.

I’m probably going to document a lot of this on here, I already know I’m not the only transgender parent in the world. I also know there’s not a lot of information available for those that need it, so posting about it here may help somebody else in the future.



One thought on “ACCESS.

  1. Jaylyn,
    I wish you lots of luck with this and hope you succeed for both of you. Your Ex is being incredibly selfish and isn’t acting in your Daughters best interests.
    Trans or not, you are a parent and deserve to be part of her life.
    Am presuming you still wish to be known as ‘Dad’. Both of ours still call me Dad – it’s no biggie.

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