One Month HRT Update

It seems I’m a very neglectful blog owner right now, 23 days since I last posted? Gosh..

Anyway, I have now been on hormone replacement therapy for a couple of days over a month – things seem to be happening a lot more now.

I was told by other transgender women that my skin would be one of the first changes I’d notice, they were all right. Within 2 weeks, I could feel my skin getting softer. 4 Weeks in, my skin feels like I’m a newborn in comparison to how it was before HRT.

The hair on my arms, legs and the little bit of hair I have on my body seems to be getting a lot lighter and feels a lot softer. I can’t say I’ve noticed any massive difference with the hair on my head aside from it feeling softer. I started losing a bit of hair from my hairline about 6 months ago, I’m hoping that very minor damage may repair with the HRT – I’ve heard mixed things about this. I didn’t lose much so it’s not a big deal if nothing happens there.

It’s safe to say that my breasts are firing up for growth, I knock them once in a while and there’s a very odd, pain-like sensation that lingers for a few seconds. Bring on the growth, I say!

As for psychological changes.. I spent an entire day crying over nothing a couple of weeks ago, I’m much more prone to crying over stupid things now & I feel a lot more ‘mushy’ and ‘needy’ than I did before I started the HRT. My moods are everywhere over the last few days, but all in all – I feel amazing, starting hormones was one of the best decisions I have ever made and the changes have only just begun.

I’m gonna try posting here more often, there’s not really a lot to talk about right now though. Since finishing college I haven’t really done much, other than produce music and catch up with friends. Hopefully I’ll be back in college by the very start of September, that’ll be fun.


One thought on “One Month HRT Update

  1. What a lovely beautiful post! i am soo thrilled for you. You write about your journey soo well, thank you. Write more, please. For those of us who have not found courage enough to walk a journey we know that we must walk your posts mean soo much to us,they are soo encouraging.

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