HRT Update #1 – Here It Comes..

This post was supposed to be a one week update post, but nothing was happening by day 7 so I had nothing to post about. Today is day 9, I spent an hour crying for no reason last night and I can certainly tell that the HRT is settling into my system.

Right now is still very early days so I’m not expecting a lot of anything at all for another few weeks, I can already see that the next couple of years are going to be like a roller-coaster though, no doubt about it.

I can’t help but be slightly concerned about my potential breast growth, I’m very slim and I know that can have a big impact on the end result. I think I’d be happy if I reached a B but I won’t know for a long time yet. I’ve read and been told that I could end up with one size less than my mother, I’m gonna go ahead and NOT ask her how big her boobs are though.. That’d be mighty uncomfortable!

The idea was to post here with a HRT update, once a week, for the first few months. That idea was flawed within the first week, so I’m just going to post an update once every few weeks instead. I’m sure there’s going to be LOTS of other things to post about over the next couple of years, these two are going to be full of much more changes than the previous two. It’s gonna awesome.


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