The Start of HRT

The long, stressful and unnecessary 23 months I have been waiting for hormone replacement therapy, has finally come to an end.

Last week I decided to book an appointment with my local doctor, in hope they’d heard back from the clinic in London.

The appointment was today, the doctor looked over my paperwork and wasn’t sure if he was supposed to prescribe the hormones or not at first. After a few mins he said he wasn’t sure why I’ve been left waiting since March, especially being as I have done everything that was asked of me. He looked over the paperwork received from London again and then told me he was happy to prescribe the hormones.

I’m still not sure if he was supposed to but he had my dosages from the London clinic in front of him, so I’m not going to complain or argue it. Perhaps telling him I was prepared to self medicate if left waiting any longer helped?

So it’s official, I started HRT today. Let the real changes begin!


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