All Done, Now I Wait. (Again!)

Yet again it has been a few weeks since I’ve published any posts here, I go through stages of not being to put what I want to say, into words.

Since I last posted, my name changed documents arrived, I provided the college with a copy of the certificate and they sent me a letter stating that they have changed my name on their records, as requested by the gender clinic. Both the name change deed and the evidence from college, were sent to the clinic at the start of last week.

So now I’m back to waiting for a letter to come through the post, which will hopefully tell me to book in with my local doctor so they can start my HRT. I’m still paranoid that something is going to go wrong, I don’t think it will at this point though. I’ve already had the full approval needed so it should be easy from here.

I think the doctor at the clinic in London said it can take 4-8 weeks for them to send everything to my local doctor, hopefully it’ll be closer to the 4 – I want my hormones right now!

(Random hair up picture to end the post because why not?) (( This could be one of the last pictures I post here pre-hormones!))



4 thoughts on “All Done, Now I Wait. (Again!)

  1. Fab pic, Jaylyn!

    Lovely to hear how things are going. Have my fingers & toes crossed on the 4 week timeframe for you. Am sure it’ll happen before you know it 😊

    💜 & hugs,

    Liked by 1 person

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