The Power of Social Media

A few days ago I posted a tweet about how I’d have never known how many transgender individuals actually exist, if it wasn’t for social media. I was going to write a big essay about it in more depth on Twitter, I think here’s more appropriate though.

When I came out as transgender, I made a Twitter profile using a name I’d picked out and a profile picture of a cartoon character – I wasn’t willing, nor ‘out’ enough to use a picture of myself. The aim of the Twitter account was to be able to be who I really am without restrictions, which worked out really well for me and still does today.

During my first 12 months of ‘social’ transition I spoke to a lot of other transgender women, a few transgender men and some non-binary individuals. A few of the people that I had real deep talks with helped me to find ease, comfort and generally accept that I’m not broken or damaged.

Since then I have spoken to a few hundred different transgender individuals and an endless amount of others within the LGBT community. I met two people in person that I first met online, both of them are amazing people.

Over the last few months I have been contacted by several different people, at different stages of their transition – all of them have told me that either my blog or Twitter have helped them find their own bit of ease and comfort with what they’re going through. This makes me ridiculously happy, the only reason I write publicly is because I’d hoped my writing would help somebody else like other people’s writing did/does for me. I’m so glad that I made the right choice with this one!

In the 20 months I’ve been using Twitter, I have met some incredible people from all over the world with similar things going on. It’s amazing knowing I’m not alone and without a doubt, social media helped me deal with things to begin with, I’m glad that I’m able to return the favour now.

Be you & be proud of you – I’m starting to feel real proud of me!





One thought on “The Power of Social Media

  1. Twitter has proved invaluable to me as I didn’t come out to but a few until January. It was the only means of expressing myself. I’ve made new IRL friends but still draw knowledge on social media as I head into hrt the end of August.

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