Official Name Change On College Records Before HRT.

As confident as I feel right now as a whole, I can’t help but feel slightly anxious about a couple of things at the moment.

I’m waiting for my name change documents to arrive, I thought they’d arrive by Monday but due to this weekend being a bank holiday, it’s going to be at least Tuesday before everything that I need arrives. Once it does arrive, I need to have my name and title changes on all of my college records, the psychiatrist wants evidence of that too before he sends everything to my local doctors.

I’m not sure how simple the name and title change on college records is going to be, I could be waiting a few weeks for visible evidence that the college have done their side of things, which I’d rather not have to do. I’m hoping my tutor can print something off that proves the changing process has started.

I’m going to know more within the next few days though so I won’t stress for too long about this, it’ll all work out how it should and HRT is within arms reach now.


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