I’m In Control

Okay so I have no idea how this post is going to go, I’m literally sat here ready to burst with excitement and I want to talk about it, so here I am..

Any day now my name change certificates and documents are going to be arriving at my house. As soon as they arrive I can send one of the certificates to the psychiatrist in London, he’ll then release my dosages to my local doctors so they can start my hormone replacement therapy.

Monday should be the latest they arrive here, they should arrive in London before the weekend if all goes well. I’m not sure how long it’ll take the doctors in London to send off their side of the paperwork, hopefully not long though. I guess after I’ve done my part, I just wait for a letter?

I also got the letter about my laser hair removal, I’ll be starting that soon although it’s a gross subject so I’ll leave that one here..

This is all good stuff though!

I feel like I’m truly in control of my own life now, how I’ve been feeling lately is evidence that I made the right choice when I chose to come out and transition late 2015. Hormones are around the corner and then the countdown begins for SRS/GRS, fingers crossed that’ll be done within the next few years, I don’t want to wait forever.

All in all.. I cannot complain about the position I am currently standing in, being transgender may not be the most ideal of situations but I’m making the most of it. I’m very much proud of that part of who I am, I’m finally starting to really like me and that’s a big deal.


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