G.I.C Appointment #2

Short version of a really long day..

Travelling to London is a long journey for me, it takes two trains and around 3 hours for me to get into London, then another 30 minutes on the underground for me to be at the clinic. I’m actually thinking about requesting a switch to Sheffield, it’s a lot closer to me.

I arrived at the clinic and spent an hour being asked a lot of questions by the doctor, this time the questions were a lot more personal though, most of them had to do with my sex life. I get it though, he was making sure I’m not transitioning to aid a fetish of some sort. He asked about other people a lot too, which is something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around – I’m transitioning for me, not other people.

After the poking and prodding was over, I walked out of the clinic with the final recommendation I needed to start HRT and one rather large smile on my face, amazing outcome!

I’ve been really delayed with my name change, at first I had travel plans which caused a delay and 4 nights ago when actually doing it online, I didn’t click the final step because of how tired I was. I’ll be going through the short process again when I wake up later on, once the certificate arrives I can send it to the clinic, they’ll then send my local doctor the correct dosages in a letter and I shall start my HRT as soon as that magical letter arrives.

Such a perfect outcome, 18 months of waiting now feels completely worth it.

This is the start of a whole new chapter for me and I’m gonna welcome these changes with open arms, bring them all on.



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