Tomorrow Is The Day!

18 months of waiting has brought me to today, the day before my second appointment at the gender identity clinic, and hopefully the second and final recommendation for hormones replacement therapy.

I’m slightly concerned, I’ve been back and forth having blood tests a few times since my first appointment due to being low vitamin D. I could be over thinking this but the doctor said the low vitamin D could be nothing, or it could be a liver related issue. Either way, I’ve been taking Vita-D supplements over the last week or so, hopefully that’ll help balance that out.

If I can’t start HRT this time, after 18 months of being on waiting lists and wait times between appointments, I’m going to explode. I’ve got more bloods tomorrow, they won’t be with the GIC in time for my appointment but I’m hoping for the best, starting HRT is a big deal to me right now.

Fingers crossed, all will go well tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Day!

  1. Hiya Jaylyn.

    It sounds like a bloody Merry go Round! I cannot wait to jump on it but am dreading the faff what everyone seems to have.

    I really hope you get a resounding ‘YES!’ tomozz but please try to stay positive if they have a reason for hesitating – i.e your liver readings until they get them right.

    Have fingers & toes crossed for ya Xx 💜

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    1. It’s a long process for sure, one that is worth every minute waited and every ounce of stress caused though. You’ll see, I’m sure!

      Thank you, I’ll be publishing a post later today about it x

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