Every single time I think about how close I am to either passing or failing this college course, I spend a while wondering if being transgender is going to be an obstacle for me in this role.

We’ve a long way to go with transgender understanding and acceptance in the United Kingdom, but we’re a lot further ahead than a lot of other countries. Our LGBT parades get bigger each year and the pride events are celebrated all over the country. There’s laws in place to protect me both in my day to day life, and in a work environment.

I don’t think the laws that are in place to protect me while I’m employed are going to help with the applying process. I’m a little bit worried that my skills aren’t going to matter to some employers, some people are still very old fashioned and I’m pretty sure an employer doesn’t really need to give much of a reason other than “not suitable/not what we’re looking for.”

There is of course a plus side though, the hairdressing and beauty industry as a whole has a high amount of LGBT professionals that’re known worldwide. If that’s anything to go by, it could be easier than I think, but I’ll find out soon I’m sure.


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