Professionally Unprofessional

During my CBT (Compulsory Bike Training) on Monday, I met the most ignorant sack of shit I have been around in a long time.

Due to being up at 07:00 and leaving my house at 07:30, I skipped make up and my hair was a mess – not to mention being wrapped up in protective leathers, big boots and gloves. The instructor would have probably just labelled me a feminine looking and sounding guy if anything, which of course left the door open for her to spew all of her toxic bullshit in front of me.

Apparently, gay men should “keep their gay stuff behind closed doors because it shouldn’t be seen or rubbed in peoples faces, but lesbians are not as bad” because the female instructor is straight. Meanwhile, the other person doing their CBT with me, sat and agreed with all the nasty word vomit coming from the instructor. He added that “gays shouldn’t be on TV” because his granddaughter watches it.

After about 20 minutes of complaining about gay men, the instructor tried moving onto another topic which is even closer to my heart, transgender people. She brought up a local gay venue and told us that “Wednesday is the venues worst night,” so I asked her why, to which she replied “because that’s tranny night.”

I’m going to assume her use of the word “tranny” is referring to men that seek pleasure in women’s clothing, as she went on to tell me how “I do feel for those that were actually born in the wrong body, that’s got to be tough and a horrible thing to go through.”

There’s no coming back from the homophobic stuff though, that proved how bigoted one individual can be, a very angry and controlling kind of individual at that.

I’m really not the kind of girl that keeps her mouth closed around people like that, but this woman had me feeling like I was in a corner. She had the power to fail my training and waste the money spent on it, at this point I already knew that being on her naughty list was going to be a fail for me. Aside from telling her that Gender Dysphoria exists, my mouth was sealed.

Anyway.. I was out of the place by 13:00 with a pass certificate, that company won’t be getting a call from me when I’m ready to do my full big bike lessons. I’m debating making a complaint but I think she’s the ‘new’ owner so it wouldn’t go far, although I could probably take it higher if I had more evidence than my word.

I’m just glad that I’ll (hopefully) never breath the same oxygen as that woman for as long as I’m gonna live.



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