(Online) Dating – When Is The Right Time To Tell Somebody You’re Transgender?

As mentioned in a couple of my posts over the last few weeks, I’m currently registered on a couple of dating sites. One of the two sites I’m using gives me the option to categorise myself as both a woman, and transgender. The other one only gives two options, male and female, which I’m totally cool with.

When I first made profiles on these apps, I decided to save time I would add a short couple lines in my bio explaining that I’m currently transitioning from male to female. Not everybody seems to read those very short couple of lines though.

I’m fine with transgender people not being for the taste of everybody, I spoke about it during the ‘Dating’ post I published a couple of weeks ago. I’m not so fine with people ignoring my profile, needing me to point them towards it and them then telling me it’s not their kind of thing. Seriously.. Reading my profile would save so much time, it’s not like I’m hiding being trans.

Personally I believe it’s important a person knows what to expect before things get too serious. It’s not nice to leading somebody on under false pretence, especially in a pre-op position like mine. I’m not sure everybody would agree with me but I know I feel much safer, and more comfortable being honest from the offset in a situation like this.

Despite those that ignore my profile, I’ve also spoken with a few really nice people so my approach seems to be working so far. As usual though, only time will tell I’m sure!


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