Manchester Pride 2017 Pre-Planning & An Updated Picture

This will be the first post of many about Manchester Pride this year, I can imagine.. It’s pretty much the highlight of my year, I plan it 12 months in advance and I haven’t missed the last two. Pretty sure I posted a few times about Pride 2016 too, at least on an older blog.

I have already booked my hotel room for 3 nights, Friday – Monday. The hotel is about 3 minutes walk from Canal Street, which is part of the Gay Village, which is closed off during the event so only ticket/wristband holders can get in. The tickets go on sale tomorrow but I’ll be grabbing mine in a few weeks.

This year is going to be different for me.. Not only do I look better now than I did back in Aug, I will have also started hormone replacement therapy about 5 months before Pride. This means I’ll have changed physically, I’ll look more feminine naturally and I’ll have breasts, small but hopefully visible.

So far there’s two singers confirmed for the event that I’d love to see live, so I’m already sold no matter who else confirms. Louisa Johnson and Mel C, the ex-Spice Girl being confirmed so early gives me high hopes for the later announcements.

I don’t like publishing really short posts here or posts that are literally just a picture, instead, I’m going to add updated pictures at the end of certain diary posts. I want to be able to piece the pictures and posts together in the future to see the progress step by step, I believe it would be called a transition timeline.  Call it curiosity, on my part.

Here’s a picture from this week, probably going to do this once a month or something – it’s safe to say that I like the direction my image is heading in, HRT will be a game changer for me.



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