This could actually be the strangest topic I’ve posted about on here so far, it’s not really a massive topic at all but it’s something I think about sometimes.

Without sounding crude, I do not wear female underwear because male underwear fits a lot better right now, given my current situation. I’ve spoke about this with other transgender women, most – if not all of them switched to female underwear straight away, I’ve even been looked at strange for not personally switching.

Everything I do is for comfort, nothing I do is to comply with what is expected of me now I have openly told people that I’m transitioning from male to female. Further down the line, I will switch over, but it’s not the end of the world if I wear my brightly coloured, ridiculously feminine looking male underwear. I do own bra’s though, I’m not getting breasts from anywhere else until I start HRT so that’s a bit different.

Long story short, I’m not gonna let anything get in the way of me being both physically and psychologically comfortable, I quite literally do not care what other people think anymore and it feels great.


3 thoughts on “Underwear?

  1. That’s cool, good for you. Might I just add, underwear for little girls is SHIT! Boys pants are made of thick cotton, girls pants are really flimsy. Boys pants cover everything well, the gussets on little girls pants of similar price are ridiculously narrow! Obviously my girls got more to cover but still, comparably they’re rubbish. I am trying to hypnotise myself into becoming a sewer so I can make my own for her! Feeling your pain, or lack there of seeing as you are so sensible 😁

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  2. Have found Georgio Asdani mini briefs to be pretty accommodating – black cotton in multi packs. Sloggi are even better but are more expensive. To add some curves I wear some firm control shape wear over the top to flatten my tummy a touch & lift the derrière!

    I understand your stance & applaud – whatever works.

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