Changed Apt Date

Less than a week ago I received a letter from the Gender Identity Clinic, they’re delaying my appointment by a week which is no big deal. I’d actually got my dates mixed up so without this letter, I’d have still turned up on the wrong day.

I won’t be travelling into London alone this time, a friend that I met on Twitter, and then in person during Manchester Pride will be coming with me. It wasn’t really an issue travelling alone the first time though, even with it being my first time in London, the company will be nice though for sure.

London is huge and I didn’t get a chance to explore it last time, this time I’m hoping to get some pictures and make a little day of it, especially being as I won’t be alone.

There’s now less than 60 days until the appointment and I can’t wait, this should be the HRT approval apt and I’m completely ready for it, I’ve been patient enough during this ridiculously long process.


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