I recently did a personality test, I’m not really a big fan of any sort of question based test but the results of this one are pretty accurate. After answering lots of questions, the test told me that I am “ENTP – The Debater” personality type.

I was reading up about the common traits of people that have the ENTP personality type, it was like reading a essay written by somebody that had spent a few weeks around me.. Strange.

Some of my friends follow these personality types like it’s the law. I’m very casual about it though, it was strange having a website understand me perfectly but I’m still sceptical about it, like I am with most things. It could be something or it could be nothing, very coincidental though either way!

One thing I can say I’ve taken away from reading about the ENTP personality type, is more determination to not give up on my career, even if things seem to be moving slowly. I’ve been known to move onto new things before giving current projects a chance to blossom, I’ll have this in mind in the future though.

The whole thing was very interesting to read, I really enjoyed it and will probably re-do the test after a few months on HRT, I doubt it’ll be any different but time will tell, I’m sure.



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