The Curious Child

Little story from back in Aug 2015 during our travel from my home town to Manchester for Pride 2015. This was the first day I went out presenting female (as best I could), and the day before was the last day I went out presenting like a male.

Our journey into Manchester involved two trains, the second was a quick switch at one of the towns local to where I live.

While standing on the platform waiting for the second train, one of my friends heard a child ask his parents about me, he asked why I was wearing make up. None of us heard the response from the parents but it gave me something to think about for the next few minutes until the train arrived, to say the least.

I wonder what the parents said to the child when he asked? If it was me I’d have kept it simple and replied with “because they want to wear make up,” but the way I see things is different because I’m transgender, in my position it’s not hard to see outside of the box.

I think the reply would have been something along the lines of “I’m not sure” because the child seemed to not care, so it can’t have been a negative reply.

Whatever the response, I’m glad it happened on that day, it gave me the chance to stop caring what other people think from the offset and that has proven beneficial throughout my transition so far, I’m taking it as a positive experience.


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