“A Product of Environment”

Browsing Twitter like I usually do, I decided to check the ‘transgender’ tag because it’s interesting reading the opinions of others. One of the first posts in the list was a guy debating with another guy about transgender individuals being a “product of environment.”

What he means by “product of environment” is the upbringing a transgender individual has, being the cause of them transitioning later in life.

This could not be further away from the truth, at least in my case.

  1. As amazing as she is, my mother is very ‘inside the box’ and gets uncomfortable easily, even when I told her than I’m transgender, it took her over 12 months to even believe it. I remember her catching me with a female item of clothing once and telling me how I’m a boy and “that’s not what boys do.”
  2. My dad is a tough guy and I mean that in every single aspect of the word – he’s very masculine and very straight, if he could have it his way, I’d be as masculine and straight as he is.
  3. I’m from a 99% straight family of masculine males, if any ‘conditioning’ was likely to have been done, it wouldn’t have been pushing me towards transitioning, to say the least.

The same person goes on to say the child is transgender because their parent(s) have failed them, which yet again couldn’t be further away from the truth.

I’m a much better person now than I have ever been before, I’m hopefully only a few months away from owning my own business and I’m ridiculously motivated. My mother turned an angry, hyperactive child into who I am now, she did a fine job!

People should really do a little bit of research before preaching things they know nothing about but hey, this is the internet and that will never change.


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