The Random Add

A few weeks ago I received a friend request on Facebook from a random guy that lives in the same town as me, I accepted it a few days ago just because I was in a good mood. We do not know each other and have never spoken/met before.

Today he messaged me saying hello and asked how I am. I replied and after a couple more messages he started to compliment me, he asked a few questions about me, then went onto ask me if I’d like to go out with him sometime. (It all happened rather quickly to be honest, he did not wait around.)

At this point it was clear that he didn’t know I’m transgender, so I told him I think it’s best if we get to know each other better before anything else. He then tells me the things about him that he thinks would put somebody off, so I told him that I’m transgender, it seemed like a perfect time.

After needing to explain what transgender is, he then told me he’s looking for somebody to have children with and offered me a friendship, which I didn’t have a chance to respond to before he blocked me.

I don’t feel bad about this though, if anything I feel good because he obviously didn’t doubt that I’m a female, he would have looked through my pictures too. Knowing he didn’t think twice or need to look twice tells me that I’m moving in the right direction, hormones are literally going to be a game changer.



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