Self Medicating


I deleted the post I published just after New Year, it was a little bit too personal for my own liking and each time I’ve come back to post since, that one post would put me off writing anything else. Long story short, I enjoyed Xmas and New Year.


With a total of almost 16 months waiting for approval to begin hormone replacement therapy so far, and no guarantee of being started after my second appointment with the gender clinic in March, I have been looking online and have found what I need to start self medicating.

(It is not advisable due to the risks that come with it and the risks that come with buying online!)

I have decided to start self medicating because I’m tired of waiting. If the gender clinic won’t start my HRT at the end of March at my second appointment, I’m going to be waiting for at least another 6 months, something I’m not prepared to do. 18 months between referral and second appointment with the GIC is bad enough, without adding another 6 months onto that time.

When I told the GIC that I had been thinking about self medicating, they advised me against it but told me to see my doctor before I do, they’ll need to keep checking that I’m not poisoning myself with internet bought oestrogen pills. I’ll be getting in there tomorrow to make them aware of everything.

Fingers crossed the GIC will take over at the end of March, I’m sure they’d much prefer me to be taking their prescribed medications rather than self medicating.


3 thoughts on “Self Medicating

  1. Please let us know how your self-medication is going as i am thinking of doing the same thing. Let us know what you take, how much and how you feel as you take them and afterwards.

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