Shopping with my mum and an updated picture!

Recently it feels like my mums side of my family have started to really accept that I’m transgender and accept me for who I am, this is a massive deal for me as I’m very close to my family and I hate the idea of that changing. On Sunday I went out with my mother, sister and daughter for a girls shopping trip, my mum bought me a dress, boots and other clothes.

This is kinda huge, not just because my mum bought me clothes but because she invited me out on a girls shopping trip with her. In the past it would have been a “shopping” trip if I was going, but this time was different and it feels amazing.

I love that things aren’t as awkward as they were, it makes things a lot easier to say the least.

Posting here is getting a lot harder recently due to my transition and life both moving in the right direction, I literally have nothing to complain about. I think rather than avoiding the blog because I feel good, I’m gonna start posting other things too, I still enjoy writing and connecting with other people so it’s a good idea to expand a little.

Anyway, due to this still being a transition diary of sorts.. Here’s a picture that’s less than a week old;




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