Official name and title change.


Yesterday I cut the hair of a client in the college salon for the first time, it took a couple of hours and for the entire process she used male pronouns for me, which is starting to bother me a lot more lately than it ever has done before.

I’m still waiting to start HRT and laser hair removal due to waiting lists and wait times for appointments, so I’m not totally passable, especially not in perfect lighting surrounded by mirrors in a hair salon. I try not to wear much makeup during college hours as I’m still concerned about how clients will react, I think that’s gotta change though if I want how people see me to change.

I know it doesn’t change how others see me but rather than waiting until Feb like I’d originally planned, I’ve decided to change my name and title next week.

I’m doing this sooner because it should have been done months and months ago so waiting any longer seems silly, once it’s changed I can have all my records including those in college changed to “Miss” with my new name.

It’s something that needs doing and is a massive step forward, I can’t wait to have the official name change letter in my hand. 2017 is gonna be huge.


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