The name!

Although I came out as transgender in Aug 2015, I’ve been ridiculously undecided about what I wanna do with my name until recently. I was born with a mostly female but gender neutral name so changing it really isn’t essential, but I feel quite uncomfortable keeping a name that was given to a son; something that I can’t be.

Over the last 15-16 months I have messed around with new names and then decided against them, this is literally because none of them have really felt natural to me or like they belong to me. Friends and family keep telling me not to change it at all because its already a neutral name and to be honest a huge part of me agrees with them, like mentioned above the only reason my name makes me uncomfortable is because it was given to a son/boy.

I’ve come to a conclusion now though, rather than changing my name completely; I’m gonna modify it. I’ve decided on the name “Jaylyn” which is short for “Jamie-Lynn”. This means the first part of my double barrel first name is left untouched but the second is totally different.

I’ll be discussing this properly with my family over the next few days, I wanted to be sure before I did and I’ve never been more sure than I am now, it feels like it belongs to me and I can’t see that changing!

It’ll all be official by February and then Im back at the clinic in London a month later, I can’t wait. Bring it on!

Jaylyn 😊💖


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