Big things are starting to happen!

This week has been ridiculously busy, I had my first exam in college on Tuesday and my first assessment as a salon manager yesterday. I passed both the exam and the assessment which is nice, there’s still lots more to come before I pass level 2 though.

I posted a few weeks ago about pronouns and how I dislike being “that” girl that keeps on reminding people about the change when they use the wrong ones. Lately things have been a little bit different, due to not holding back with how I look now even in my home town, people are starting to adjust a lot faster now. I’m hearing male pronouns used less and less all the time and others are either avoiding pronouns altogether or asking which they should be using a lot more often.

I’m still waiting to start hormone replacement therapy and laser hair removal so I still have the full medical side of transitioning to go before I’m how I should be, I won’t be beating myself up about strangers using the wrong pronouns anytime soon!

Everything is moving in the right direction right now with my transition and I’m really feeling the benefit of it, I’m happier than I’ve ever been before and it’s only uphill from here.


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