The uniform thing & my first evaluation!

I posted about the college salon uniform issue a couple of weeks ago, I’m not sure if I deleted it but the uniform actually arrived earlier this week so I was handed it on Wednesday and wore it for the first time on Thursday.

I was so concerned about other peoples reaction regardless of the fact I don’t actually own any male clothes, this is a hurdle I leaped over 14 months ago so I’ve no idea why it caused me such an issue. Nobody reacted badly, I was told it looked good a few times and my mind is now at ease with it thankfully.

Without actually realising, I had my first evaluation on Thursday evening and I’m 99% sure I passed it as I’ve not been told otherwise. I was scared already because it was my first client so I’m quite happy that I didn’t know I was being evaluated – that added pressure might have actually ended me.. 😂

Whatever though, there’s lots more evaluations to do before I get the qualification so I’m really glad I passed and I’m actually quite excited about the next, it’s gonna be awesome.


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