“What can I do to support you?”

I started college a couple of weeks ago and I met a really nice girl there, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks chatting and getting to know each other. Last night she came around to my place and we spoke about a lot of things, she asked a few questions about me being transgender and said it’s because she wants to know how she can support me, which is something I’ve been asked several times. I love that she’s curious and wants to know more about it but I gave a very short and simple answer..

The best thing anybody can do to support me is to respect what I’ve told them, carry on like normal and treat me like they would anybody else.

In other words – aside from pronouns and name nothing really needs to change. The more people try and be a certain way or avoid saying certain things just because I’m trans, the more attention they’re bringing to it. I’m not easily offended and I see the funny side of most things so the best thing others can do is be themselves and let me be me.

I’m happy to answer questions though, if somebody is seeking ways of making me feel more comfortable then they obviously care about me and that’s something I cannot complain about. ☺



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