My Voice

Every since I first started moving forward with everything I’ve been slowly raising my voice, I want a higher pitched natural sounding voice without needing to “remember” to change into it each time I open my mouth.

Although I’ve been able to tell the difference between my the pitch of my voice now and how it was 12 months ago, I haven’t really known if it’s high enough yet or if it’s too high so I’ve still been training it a lot.

When I was at the gender clinic and my voice was brought up, I said I wanted to raise it and was told it was fine and that I didn’t need voice coaching but it was an option if I wanted it. When I got back from the gender clinic and spoke to my friend, she reminded me that she’s been telling me for months that my voice already sounds like a genetic females voice now when I’m not trying to change it.

I think one of the problems I’m having which confuses me is switching to a deeper sounding voice when around certain company. It’s becoming less frequent that I feel the need to do that now but I know I do it sometimes without even realising and that has to stop.

I’m not going to complain though, obviously my voice is good enough but my confidence hasn’t quite caught up with it at the moment, but it will.


3 thoughts on “My Voice

    1. There’s a couple of really good guides on YouTube, I think the mistake I was making for the most part was raising it too high rather than it being too low. I wouldn’t say it’s really hard though, like most other things.. It just takes practice. =)

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