London & The GIC


Yesterday was my first appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic and also my first time ever visiting London, it was a good but very hectic and busy.

Getting into London was fine but as soon as I got there and needed to use the underground and try to find the clinic, it was like trying to find the middle in an almost impossible maze. It took me two hours, one wrong stop and a lot of asking people which train I get on and where certain streets were to find the clinic. I was given a map to assist me with my apt date letter and it was practically useless, even the clinic thought it was a bit useless.

Once I’d found the clinic, I went inside and let the receptionist know I’m there and who I’m there to see, I wasn’t waiting long before being called in. The waiting room was quite comforting as there was others there in the same position as I am.

I went into a small room with the psychiatrist and another person who I think was either a therapist or a psych too, I was told who he was but I’ve forgot due to the day being so busy. I was asked a lot of questions, a lot of things in my past were brought up but it was nice, I was able to be honest with them and able to say exactly how I feel.

At the end of the appointment I was told I’m being given 8 free sessions of laser hair removal on my face and that I’ll know more about that in the next few weeks. I was given the first recommendation needed for HRT and another appointment was made for early next year so I can get the second.

I had my bloods done at the hospital 2 minutes down the road and then spent another hour and another wrong stop trying to find my way back to the train station. Due to needing to be on the off-peak train, I was waiting in the train station from around 5:15pm – 7:10pm when I got the first of two trains back home.

Although London is very big, very busy and full of people that are in a rush – it’s a beautiful city and next time I go, I’ll make a day of it rather than sitting in the train station. There’s lots to do and see in London so I can be a total tourist.

All in all, it was a great day and a great outcome from the GIC – especially the laser hair removal, that’s something that’s been driving me crazy for a while. Bring on the second appointment and second recommendation, totally ready for HRT now!


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