I’m a student!

So.. The phone call I was concerned about during my post yesterday did actually happen about an hour after I posted here. I spoke to one of the tutors of the course I applied for and she asked me to attend the college today for a proper interview and so I could fill in all paperwork.

I went to the college early this afternoon and everything went well, one of the forms I needed to fill in pretty much asked me if I’m transgender – safe to say I wasn’t expecting that. The tutors had me try on the uniform as my genetic body type obviously differs from how the uniforms are tailored.. It fit perfectly and looks very neutral for the most part.

Anyway, after filling everything in and asking lots of questions – I can now officially call myself a student again for the next 8-10 months. I’m still very concerned about how others will react to me on the course but from what I’ve been told, it’s a great group of people so I’m sure I’ll be fine. The course is a 19+ so nobody there will have just left high school although I could still be the oldest person there, that would suck.

Hopefully nothing causes an issue now and everything goes as it should!


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