A few months ago I decided I wanted to go back to college this year, a few days ago I actually applied for a hairdressing course at my local college as it’s something I’d love to do and I know I could go the distance with it.

A couple of days later I had an email asking me to attend the college for an interview, which I attended yesterday and was informed that I’d need to attend the other out of town campus to enrol. Today I visited the other campus so I could enrol for the course and start next week as the course has already begun. Within minutes of being at the other campus it was apparent that they had no idea I was coming and weren’t able to enrol me there.

I was told to go back home and wait for a phone call later this afternoon, which I’m still waiting for. Although I was able to apply for the funding for the course today, I wasn’t able to enrol and I left the out of town campus no wiser about my future than I was when I got there, which is a massive shot to the head. I still don’t know if I’ve got a place on the course or if I’m eligible for the funding.

I may be worried about nothing but right now I’m anxious about the phone call not happening and me needing to wait until next September to move forward because the course has already started. I’m so determined to do something with my life and college would be a great start to that.

If I hear nothing today, I’ll contact them tomorrow I guess..


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