Manchester Pride 2016 (Short Version)

So.. Manchester Pride 2016 was amazing!

My friend arrived on the Wednesday before Pride started and we got a train early Friday afternoon into Manchester ready for the long weekend of partying ahead. Once arriving in Manchester, we spent 30 minutes looking for our hotel which was 5 minutes from the train station. (My Google Maps thing wasn’t much help either being as it didn’t show me which direction I was facing.. Just a random dot.

After finding the hotel we checked in and went up to the room so we could get ready.. Which was not as fun as I thought it would be.. I’d spent months perfecting a make up routine that I didn’t even use at Pride because I didn’t like it.

Once my make up was done we went straight out into The Village where the main arena and everything else was. Here’s a picture of Canal Street before it got ridiculously busy an hour or two later..


We decided to have our first drink in a bar/pub that didn’t look busy, after having our first drink and laughing about the retro music in the bar/pub, we moved onto the main arena where we saw Danny Beard, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Tulisa!

All in all, this was an amazing first day of Pride, we got back to our hotel at around 1am because my body could barely hold me up after the hours and hours of dancing and slept it off.

Waking up on Saturday was not fun, we woke up late and I didn’t realise until I needed to use it that my concealer had ran out so me and a friend went into the city centre properly so I could grab a new tube!

Once ready, we went out and found a nice window ledge/shelf that saw above the crowd and watched over an hour of the parade. It was a lot longer than last years parade but just as colourful, we really enjoyed it again.

When we’d finished with the parade we went and carried on where we left off the night before in the main Arena. On the Saturday we saw MNEK, Katy B and lots of others – another amazing night of music and entertainment.. Apart from the guy who decided he wanted to start a fight with me for literally no real reason at all other than me using the vinegar before him at a burger van.. He sucked.

Sunday we woke up a bit later as there wasn’t a parade and we hit the Village straight away, although we avoided the arena for the most part on Sunday, it was still an immense night of music and spent with great people. Aside from alcohol and music, not a lot happened to be honest but no complaints!

Monday was the day we left, we woke up about an hour and 30 minutes before we had to be out of the hotel room so I left plain faced and miserable knowing I had to come back to my home town where things aren’t as good for me. (I’m sure this will be talked about in a future post as it left me in quite a bad place for a few days once I got home)

All in all though, this was one of the best weekends of my life. There’s so much more I could say about it but I think I’ve probably bored any readers/future me enough with this long post as it is so to finish it off, here’s a few pictures!

Gaydio Dance Arena!


Main Arena!


Main Arena!



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