Did he really message me just to insult me? Wow, good job!

I’ve been using a dating site for about 5 weeks now, mainly because I don’t really go anywhere to meet new people very often. Until today, I have not had a bad experience with the kind of message I receive.

A message I was sent today literally just said “you are a man?” and when I cleared things up, he tried insulting me by telling me I’m mentally ill and stuff. I’m not insulted though, not even in the slightest, if anything I’m amused. He obviously liked what he saw and what he read on my profile until he realised I’m transgender, that’s when he erupted and felt the need to take that frustration out on me directly. It didn’t get him far though, I kindly informed him of his ignorance and his dangerous attitude then blocked him.

People like that don’t know the smallest thing about what transgender means and they don’t want to know anything either, if they insult it and shut it out then it doesn’t exist. I’m not going to lose sleep over some guy that felt like his manhood was being threatened, to say the least.

I don’t expect everybody to want to date somebody who is transgender or even understand it, I do think that the negativity somebody may feel in regards to transgender people should probably keep their opinions to themselves though, at least until that opinion is educated.

I like to believe my skin is thick but others in the same position may not be so the negativity isn’t needed nor wanted, being nice and positive actions go a lot further than negatives ever will.


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