The final stretch until pride!

There’s now only 10 days left until myself and my friends will be leaving my town and heading into Manchester for pride this year. As days go by and it gets closer, I get more nervous!

I’m nervous for a few reasons, the first one being meeting my friend from America for the first time. I have been chatting with her online for over a year now and we’ve got to know each other really well, we’re both in the same position and it’s nice having somebody that we can both talk to that actually understands! She’s flying in a couple of days before pride and leaving a couple of days later.

Second reason is the way I look, I think I’ve mastered the routine I’ll be using for pride with my make up though, I’m sure I’ll find out when I’m actually there.

Third reason is my voice, I really don’t wanna be sounding all deep and masculine when I’m going to so much effort not to LOOK masculine. I don’t have a really deep voice and I have spent a lot of time training a more feminine voice, using it in public is a bit of a problem for me right now though.

None of the above or anything else is gonna stop me having a good time so I’m still ridiculously excited. Not long now!


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