Awkward situation questions!

The first time I posted a ‘feminine’ looking picture on social media, it raised a lot of questions which I was of course expecting.. Yet again, as mentioned in an earlier post, I have posted another picture on social media recently which is bringing up questions again.

It’s not an issue for me to answer questions when asked, although I didn’t tattoo my forehead letting the entire world know I’m trans, it is no secret and is pretty much common knowledge where I live. It’s a problem when the questions are asked in front of a group of people, some of which I have never met before and when the questions are asked so abruptly.

Long story short.. A cousin asked me if he should be calling me by my birth name or by another name in the most awkward way possible.. I haven’t changed my birth name yet due to it being gender neutral but he’d been told that I will be changing it soon. Then he and a few other cousins made a few jokes with overly feminine variations of my birth name. I know it was all in good fun and he was actually curious but in that situation with a group of people, some unknown, it’s not exactly easy for me to answer questions!

I’m not taking it personal, I have a close family and tough skin so I’m gonna take this experience positively, I know I have the support of my family and friends and the curiosity is a good thing.. Just gotta work on my question answering skills now, the only way is up!


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