Colour correction!

Touchy subject but in the last 12 months, I have been trying a lot of different methods of covering the horribly upsetting 5’o clock shadow that starts showing through my make up within minutes of putting it on.

I have tried 4 or 5 different colour correction kits and used the colour I’m supposed to use to cover blue area but it still didn’t help, I’ve tried 3 different concealers.. Yet again, no prevail. With Manchester Pride being at the end of the month I’ve been ridiculously concerned about making sure I can cover any likely shadow and make it last all day.

ANYWAY! – I met somebody new, I visited her house for the first time a couple of nights ago and she passed me an orange lipstick as she didn’t like it. I’ve heard from others and seen on videos that an orange/red lipstick works really well for countering blue areas so I gave it a try.. IT WORKED.. At last I’m able to cover that nasty shadow and not have to worry about it which is  a huge weight off my chest.

Although not the best picture, this is how well it’s worked.


Obviously once I’ve had laser I wont have to worry about it but until then, I think orange lipstick is the way forward.


5 thoughts on “Colour correction!

      1. This isn’t the first, second or third blog of mine you’ve followed or interacted with m’dear! It is the final one though! Hehe

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