Manchester LGBT Pride

Today is 3 weeks away from the first day of Manchester LGBT Pride 2016 and I’m not sure I could be more excited without actually physically exploding, which is nice being as I’ve been feeling really down recently. Last year was the first time I had ever been to a pride event and I loved it, it was perfect in literally every single way.

So, this year rather than just attending for the Saturday, I’m gonna be there from the first day which is the Friday, all the way through to Monday morning so I’m there for the entire 72 hour pride party!

It’s exciting, not only am I gonna be at pride and be able to be me and not be worried about it, I’m also meeting a friend that I met online about a year ago for the first time. She’s coming over here from the US a couple of days before pride and leaving a couple of days after pride, she’ll be staying with me for the days we’re not booked into the hotel in Manchester.

I’m not totally ready yet, I have all the make up I’m likely to need but only half of the outfits I’ll need. I’m gonna do a tiny bit of shopping during the first day we’re in Manchester so I can grab whatever else I need.

Only 3 weeks left and counting!


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