Something as small as posting a picture makes a huge difference!

About 3 days ago I posted a picture on Facebook, it’s actually the exact same picture that I had in my first blog post. Probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal to somebody that isn’t me or somebody who is/has been in the same position as me, it is a big deal though. That picture shows me, it shows the REAL me, it shows the person I know I am and the person I’ve spent forever feeling like.. That picture is me and it has had nothing but a positive response so far.

I think something like this is a huge step in the right direction, although I don’t dress in male clothes and even though I make an attempt to look as naturally feminine as I possibly can, I’m still very nervous about a few things. I don’t want to lose people because I’m transgender, especially not my daughter so I keep how feminine I dress and look toned down for the most part, something I’d rather not be doing anymore!

I would consider myself totally out, I don’t hide who I am from anybody but I’m also not going to go broadcasting stuff either. If people ask questions, I’ll answer them. Other than that I just want to carry on making appropriate changes and live my life as normal as possible with as little complications as possible.

Things are definitely moving forward, I think 2017 will be a good year.


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