No sleep.. Nothing new!

It doesn’t matter how often I try fixing my sleeping routine, within a few days I end up back at the exact same point I was before.. Sleep one night, awake the next – so on so forth. It doesn’t matter what time I get into bed, how dark or quiet it is.. I cannot get any sleep.

My body is literally exhausted but as usual, my brain is working over time. I can’t stop thinking about stupid things.. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff that I can’t get out of my head is serious and important stuff but I still shouldn’t be letting things interrupt my sleep.. It’s not healthy to have this pattern that I’m in right now and it does nothing for my image, apart from make me look like a zombie.

Whatever though, this time I’m a bit more determined than I’ve ever been before, I’m having a really hard time with existing right now so I really do wanna fight my negatives as much as I can. It would be nice to turn negatives into positives. I’m gonna hold out until tonight like normal instead of sleeping during the day, I will get this pattern fixed soon.


One thought on “No sleep.. Nothing new!

  1. i always enjoy reading your posts! Since i first began reading your blog i have been impressed. Your comment, “I’m a bit more determined than I’ve ever been before” makes me admire you.

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